Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I've been away, spending most of my time filling my skull with genetics rather than novel fragrances. (Speaking of which: If anyone has a good sagittal view of a mouse's skull where I can see how the olfactory system integrates I would be grateful like the Dead.)

I have sniffed a few cool new (to me) things:

Guerlain Eau de Lit:
Guerlainade citrus
turns to chamomile and hay.
600 count sheets.

Jules by Dior:
Strong and well rounded.
Propper dry woods and pepper.
A mensch for ladies.

Derby by Guerlain:
Guerlinade's winter
Citrus to spice transition
like dry mulled cider

Bill Blass #7:
a fizzy gin-joint
relaunch of a classic brand
(Nicely done samples)

Harajuku Lovers G:
creamy coconut
with a drydown of Play-Doh
fun for the weird kids

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Leslie Vosshall sells out!

Or rather, her talk sold out at the Secret Science Club's meeting last night at Union Hall. Fortunately I was able to sneak in to the standing room only event and catch the tail end of her talk.

I particularly enjoyed her scent world shout-outs. She highly recommends Avery Gilbert's book
    What the Nose Knows
, and offered props to the major aromachemical companies and their aggregation in her home state of New Jersey.

She mentioned a new paper on alarm pheromones, that showed that a mere whiff of the stuff could cause mice to freeze. (There is some hot coverage of the frozen mice over at NPR. It's good stuff.)