Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Burger King Flame

Ed Ruscha, Norm's, La Cienega, on Fire, 1964

The WHOPPER sandwich is America's favorite burger. Flame by BK captures the essence of that love and gives it to you. Behold the scent of seduction, with a hint of flame-broiled meat.

Robin just posted about this hot new scent over at Now Smell This. I love it. This happens to coincide with the new "Whopper Virgins" ad campaign by Stacy Peralta of "Dogtown and Z-Boys" fame. Clip below, followed by it's YouTube commenter response. An briefing on capitalism today, really.

bulanuldecluj (4 days ago)
-1 Poor comment

Fuck you're burgers and junk food americans... if you come here, you can see more than 95% beautiful women but if i will go there in USA more that 50% fat people. REASON? You're junk food and burgers.

Come in Romania and drink alchool made here... our stuffs are more natural than you. We have "tuica" or "palinca" who's much strong than you're Jack Daniel or Bud...

This movie is a big shit.


Anonymous said...

...what computer was that guy using?
Romania is totally off the grid, and away from modern technology and mass media

you replied to my comment (krokodilgena) on nowsmellthis btw

the oblitterati said...

Welcome BenedictXVII! I once had the username JamesABakerIII, maybe we're related!

Off the grid indeed! Our pal Bulanul has some great YouTube videos where he models some blinged out shades while some Romanian rapper sings about butts. Long live the mother land!

Anonymous said...

My fav band is from Germany and they spent basically all of 2008 in the US, even though they've never really been to Eastern Europe
and the American fans are like
"ummm why would they play in your country? Its so small!! And America is so RIICCHH!!!!"
and I've actually seen a Romanian fan say something like
"I would really love to go a concert someday, but we are so poor here. I can understand why they never want to play here. They probably don't know we exist"

It's really sad!

Romanians don't get Whoppers or German hotties in concert :(

Meg vsMeg said...

BUT HAVE YOU SMELLED IT? No really. Do you have any? Also: the word verification that blogger is giving me is "chings". wtf. That's not very polite.

tmp00 said...

Does this really exist?

the oblitterati said...

It really exists, but Ricky's was sold out of it when I stopped by. Which is just as well, because the people who've smelled it seem to think it smells more like Axe than a carving knife.

I was hoping it would be like the CB I Hate Perfume Roast Beef scent. Meg, we should totally go back to the smell store in Williamsburg.

the oblitterati said...

Also, I really should have replied to the YouTume comments:

"Ha ha! My famly left yr contry cuz it SUCKED! Also, you are pretty much right about everything."

Katie Puckrik said...

The mystery can now be revealed! Watch my take on Burger King's Flame on my YouTube perfume review channel, KatiePuckrikSmells. Go to:

the oblitterati said...

Hi Katie, Thanks for the link to your video blog. I had no idea the Demeter team was behind this one. Does Demeter include Christopher Brosius?

tmp00 said...

I think Brosious left Demeter a while ago, but good for them for keeping that flame (pun intended) alive