Monday, January 12, 2009

Bond No. 9 Brooklyn

Bushwick based artist Chris Kyung: Pizza #7, 2006

Gawker just ran part of the press release for the new Bond no. 9 Brooklyn scent. Apparently Brooklyn is unisex "with a decidedly masculine attitude." I love it. The notes are all over the place, with grapefruit and juniper up top, a la Snoop Dog's Gin and Juice. They must be conjuring up the west coast of Brooklyn with this one.

As one of my professors once barked at a visiting speaker who had somehow confused a number of the new York schools, "Bronx? Brooklyn? What's the difference? Coney Island, Riverdale? Same thing really!"

Actual Coney Island circa 2007

Which is my way of saying that I rather liked Bond's Coney Island scent. It smelled like cheap yard long margaritas; neon lime syrup, tequilla, mesquite, grilled hot dog buns and boardwalk.

Fine stuff if you ask me. The new scent seems to call up the Brooklyn Boatnic Gardens a la the father daughter team at Eau de Brooklyn. Brooklyn is so many things I suppose. It's also one of the first music videos I'd ever seen on NYC Public television.


Nathan Branch said...

The Brooklyn bottle might just turn out to be my favorite bottle design from Bond No. 9 yet. I'm looking forward to seeing it up close and personal.

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