Sunday, April 27, 2008

Zephyr by Neil Morris Fragrances

Today I browsed the scents at Takashimaya and found a line I'd never seen before, Neil Morris Fragrances. I was drawn to the name Zephyr. I think there was a children's book or an episode of Wonderworks about a ship or hot air baloon named the Zephyr. So I sniffed and it is fantastic. It's the sweet green smell of a summer's day, the scent that greets you if you are very lucky and exit the subway in a thicket of trees and cherry blossoms. It's a very vivid and natural scent, and rather than a pop song I'd liken it to the soundtrack of Sunday in the Park with George.

The other scents at Takashimaya fit into genres - floral, woodsy, cologne, oriental etc. But this one stood out, slightly sweet like a linden tree, very pretty and completely unlike anything else I've smelled. Actually, I take that back. It reminded me a little bit of the spring fresh frozen time feeling of Eau de Brooklyn which I've only sniffed in passing but I recall having a very visceral sensation of a sunny day at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

The NMF website describes Zephyr as "Top Notes of Tangerine and Papaya that combine with lovely Heart Notes of Honeysuckle and Casablanca Lily, accented with Notes of White Tea. The Base Notes are a comforting blend of Sandalwood, Amber and Ocean Musk". Both scents are orange, tea, woods blends, so maybe that's the recipe for magic.

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