Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Quince by Demeter, Cute as Hell Violet Quince Body Mist by BlueQ

Behold the noble quince. At holiday time my mother and her sister always quince compote which was served in their best china or sterling terrine.

Perhaps this is why my favorite layering combination at the moment is Demeter's Quince with Tarnish - to me it speaks of pure opulence. Despite the divine smell of the fruit, as a child I soon learned not to attempt to take a bite of it's rock hard flesh. Quince: it's as lushly fruity as a scent can get while maintaining a hand slapping aloofness.

I also find that it layers brilliantly to make great summer scents.

Quince + Tommy Girl = Tripp and Butsy's picnic in the Hamptons.

Quince + Gingerale = Dave's tipsy landlord painting the sidewalk blue. "Hey! We've got a pool!"

Cute as Hell makes an inexpensive quince/violet body spray that smells much better than it needs to. I assumed that the juice was merely a vector for the goth-lolita art, but th scent is fun and just odd enough for my taste, even if the look isn't my thing. They also make the Bear Naked line, who's look is precisely my thing. Awwww. Look at the little bear!
I should have known to expect good things from the makers of Vinnie's Tampon Case.

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tmp00 said...

Well, I can't write that I wouldn't have the same urge as kitty. I might have moved further south though.