Thursday, June 26, 2008


Perhaps I am late to the table. but I just noticed that LuckyScent is posting that Nanadebarry, 10 Corso Como and Serge Lutens are available in their brick and mortar store even though they are not available in their online shop. I've noticed a number of online shops only allow ordering of Serge Lutens by phone. It seems that Barney's has the web exclusive on the line, which is ironic because Bergdorf Goodman has brick and mortar exclusives on a number of their non-export scents including the incredible Bois de Violette.

So who has the lock on 10 Corso Como and Nanadebarry? A quick search seems to indicate Nieman Marcus/ Bergdorf Goodman/the Neiman Marcus Group snatched up 10 Corso Como. Their ad copy for the classic scent reads "Corso como introduces 10 corso como, a new fragrance which is the essence of all the senses." It sounds like they are doing an exclusive relaunch of a longtime favorite scent.

I know Bloomingdales has a summer exclusive on Estee Lauder's Sensuous. What is the legality of a single online store having an exclusive on an entire line of fragrances? In major retailers, fragrance prices are fairly tightly controlled, but it seems like a small step towards an online trust for a vendor to have exclusive rights to products as popular as 10 Corso Como or the entire Serge Lutens line.

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tmp00 said...

I don't know about the legality of it all; I think it's more an agreement between the houses. I also don't quite get that LuckyScent has Lutens in the store but not online, since only about four of the scents are available at Barneys,com. Oh well.