Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gucci by Gucci

Gucci by Gucci is a beautiful example of the collaboration behind an new fragrance launch. Most of the actual collaboration is on the corporate side, and I'll post some notes from my new favorite magazine, Perfumer & Flavorist later on. But the commercial acts as a beautiful microcosm of the industry. I adore the David Lynch commercial, the artifice, the play on the narcotic qualities of scent. Debby Harry like Lynch perfectly embodies this electric wisdom, they can both play with art on the border of drugged out madness because they clearly have their shit together. Lips together, teeth apart if you will.

The "making of" video:

The original video opens with NYC instead of LA.
I love Debby Harry's teeth.

A blast from the past: a David Lynch ad for Opium.
The score is Badalamentastic.

Oh, the scent itself? Nice, woodsy with honey and fruit. A powdery drydown. It realy does come across as Opium remade for today's youth's, a remake of 1980, almost as loud and much sweeter, with all the rough corners smoothed away by nostalgia and VH1.

Did you hear MTV's Real World Brooklyn is filming in the BellTell condo lofts at Jay Street Borough Hall? A rock aesthetic constructed from luxury condos and smiling celebrity Lolitas gets old fast. Bring on the Blondie.

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