Thursday, May 22, 2008

Eau de Victoria's Secret

Image by j. morrison

The fact that their best seller is called Dream Angels(TM) should have clued me. Nearly everything is a loud gourmand Angel knock off. Fruity Sparkle Angel, Watermelon Lysol Angel, Sexy Powder Depilatory Angel, etc. No matter what's on top, everything has a strong vanilla base-note to go with their vanilla-pink-thong kink.

Actually I take that back. Their Beauty Rush line lacks vanilla and smells more like old Laffy Taffy stuck under a school bus seat.

The least offensive were the Pink (TM) body mists which smell like Bonne Bell lip gloss and lemonade. I find that endearing.

And their Sexy Little Things (TM) is an amusing fruity/marshmallow/wood thing that would be a perfect scent for Hello Kitty. It's what Momoberry should have been.

But I still give the props for understanding scent as an accessory. After all, what scent would you say goes best with sparkle shorts in imported polyester/spandex?

Please pardon the hate. Finals are almost over and with their passing I can return to the scents I love (such as Frederic Malle's French Lover which I had to try after reading Marina's fantastic review. For our moment of Zen, a reminder that Eros and scent have been linked since time immemorial.


Colombina (Marina) said...

That is why I hate going into VS stores, because of the smell there. :-)

tmp00 said...

The smell emanating from that store is pretty gaggy. Agent Provocateur is worse though..

Glad you like French Lover!

Dave said...

Hi Marina,
Clearly you have better sense (or a more responsive chemorepulsive response) than I. Thanks for the tip on French Lover, it is a brilliant find!

the oblitterati said...

Hi Pansy,

What pray tell does Agent P smell like?

They have a counter at Bloomingdales that sells sequined pasties right next to the Natori caftans. From what I can tell their clientele are Golden Girls gone wild.

tmp00 said...

It smells like the sort of woman who would own her own stripper pole...