Thursday, July 31, 2008

Eau Fraiche de Rosine

A lovely image of Karen Finley by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders. A celebration of America.

My Sneak Sniff of Eau Fraiche de Rosine just arrived, in time for a weekend in Newport. Although the press release states that Eau Fraiche is based around a yellow rose accord, it strikes me less as a sassy Texan than a prim New Englander. Although the dry rose scent reminds me very much of Tommy Girl (which I like), the most distinctive thing about the pleasant off-dry fruity floral is a lovely honeysuckle note. Later I get some pears, just a hint of Petite Cherie. Then the ambrette, and a slightly carroty musk. The top notes are listed as citrus but I smell more of a banana aldehyde, perhaps a contribution to the yellowness of the composition.

But I do love honeysuckle. As a kid, I had a scratch and sniff book about Winnie the Poo, and it was the pages about honeysuckle, pine forests, and the fireplace that were my absolute favorites. The honeysuckle page, reduced to a moist mess was how I first figured out that odorants don't necessarily taste good.

All American off to the beach scents 7/31/08
1. Tartine et Chocolat Ptisenbon
2. Eau Fraiche de Rosine
3. Un Jardin sur le Nil
3. Demeter Bubblegum
4. Tommy Girl

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