Wednesday, July 2, 2008

La Rose Angel by Thierry Mugler

Call me a sucker for variations on a theme. I'm not crazy about the original Angel and it's Attack of the 50 Foot Honey, especially when it strikes on the subway. But I do love a good remix.

La Rose Angel takes the beast and smothers it in Rose Petal Jam. The sweet rose and dank patchouli collide and spawn something new: a fizzy, dissonant, creepy, sexy thing.

The notes clash together, and then morph into something an iota subtler. Rose petal jam shouts at the forefront but then simmers down to a stage whisper of filthy jokes. Vanilla and Patchouli move to the front but there is still something very tangy and weird about the whole thing. The divine Marina compared it to mud on a white evening dress.

Big, sweet, earthy and utterly fucked! I love it.

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