Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ineke Chemical Bonding

John McCracken. (American, born 1934).
The Absolutely Naked Fragrance. 1967.
As seen at MoMA today. More info here.

I just went to MoMA this afternoon. Mutzu pointed out the similarity between Mr. McCracken's oeuvre and my favorite scent in 8th grade, "Butt Naked".

Ineke's Chemical Bonding has elements of both. It's sharp, crackling minimalism that would excite even Domenique de Menil. The Dia Foundation bottled if you will.

It starts with bright citrus, much like my beloved Butt Naked. It has the chemical, metallic dust of Odeur 72 or Joseph Beuys eating an orange. Awesome. I found it at Takashimaya across from the MoMA but it's available on the web at Beauty Habit.

SakeCat has alerted me to the importance of temperature in olfactory appreciation. It was one million degrees today in Manhattan. Three degrees cooler in Queens.

Today is an arty day. Enjoy Dara Birnbaum's
Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman (1978)
(Kiss the Girls: Make them Cry (1979) is awesome but I couldn't find the video online.)


sakecat22 said...

For me, this definitely performed better in the heat. I would, for reference, try it again in cooler temperatures. I really saw the difference in the drydown. I'll admit that my thoughts on this scent were tepid - but thats because I'm not much of a citrus hound in my fragrance taste. She does beautiful stuff. Have you tried the Balmy Days and Sundays yet? Love the blog! - Sakecat (Wendy)

the oblitterati said...

Hi Sakecat,

Thanks! I tried the Balmy Days and Sundays and enjoyed it. It reminded me of Privet Hedge, but I'll confess that in the heat or perhaps the miasma of Takashimaya it was somewhat indistinct - just a breeze of freshness. I loved your take on it as the perfect golf scent! I'll have to try it again soon.

carmencanada said...

Just a word to say I love the way you illustrate with contemporary art. I'm lazy that way, though most of the people I hang out with are artists! Really should find sources... And thanks for linking with Grain de Musc, will reciprocate! (must've caught some Hemingway dialogue bug, keep dropping the "i").