Thursday, July 3, 2008


I like cars. Back in college, I briefly hung out with a hot young artist who had a collection of muscle cars, and I'd drive him to the gas station for smokes when he was too f'dup to drive. So Chargers are nice. Dodge Darts give you a chance to yell "Slant-6! Can't kill that engine!". My own taste tends towards the Japanese micro-hoopties.

Lacoste ELEGANCE (or to use their typography E L E G A N C E) is actually more like an MG with wood burl all over the place. Actually, actually, it reminds me the most of the hot little red sportscar my friend's dad keeps garaged in Vermont a la Cameron's parents in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Which seems appropriate since according to Now Smell This the scent is Procter & Gamble's attempt to reach the over 30 market.

They actually do it quite well. The scent smells like it should be worn under nice custom shirt. It opens a little fruity (perhaps bergamot), very ozonic and with a touch of spice. It reminds me very much of YSL l'Homme and Stetson Untamed which also use the fresh ozonic notes that are so keyed up in the Axe scents to good effect. The drydown is delightfully weird, with what they describe as a "unique chocolate drydown". It actually smells like cocoa pods to me, with that woody vegetal quality of something straight off the tree. The wood is nicely done, which is perhaps why it conjures up more of the wood-burn English Racing Green flavor of midlife rather than the Z-series. Classy. It's something Mr. Stallone could wear with glasses.

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tmp00 said...

oy, you had me until Stallone..