Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy to be back home scents of the week: 7/16/08

1. the Muir Woods
2. YOSH - U4EAHH!: light, happy, fresh, surprising, and representative of SF Boutiques
3. Landscape Lavender Hydrosol: the hay end of the lavender spectrum
4. Hermes Poivre Samarcande: it just arrived in the mail
5. Terre d'Hermes: a summer cousin to Poivre Samarcande

On the plane back to JFK I read about our favorite boys from Forest Hills, Queens (besides Kevin and Dave) in Nicholas Rombes' Ramones 33 1/3. Looking on YouTube for old footage of the boys in Arturo Vega's loft I stumbled upon the Speedies, perhaps the best teen band to come out of Brooklyn Heights. (Check out the Montague Street Burger King that I once ate in as a kid which is now a Banana Repubic).

Today's equivalent might be Fiasco. God loves Fiasco? Well Spin, and the New Yorker seem to. Those junior varsity noise-punk kids from Park Slope may be hot right now, but I heard they aren't nearly as young as they claim to be. A friend of a friend told me that their drummer Julian is actually 24 and has an MBA from MIT. I'm just sayin'.

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