Friday, May 2, 2008

Ananas Fizz vs. Bahiana

Both Annas Fizz and Bahiana are available on Luckyscent.

I tried on both at Aedes on Christopher Street while waiting to meet up with Dave. To date, Carnal Flower and Moon Sparkle have been the only scents that really caught Dave's attention, and his preferred accord is that of "sexy butts". I thought the coconut basenote of Bahiana would be the sexy butts he describes but he said it was "too literal, too much like crushed fruits". I enjoyed both and thought they both could be the lemonade antidote to the smell of New York in summer. They were quite similar but with a sweeter guava/coconut accord in the feathered bottle compared t the abstract citrus fizz of L'Artisan. Either one could happily be the Go-Go's "Vacation", water-skis and all.

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