Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cereus Pour Homme No. 4

A friend of mine was looking for a good gastroenterologist. She finally found one near Prospect Park, the archetypal old man in a white lab coat. He told her to eat nothing but grated green apples for two days. She's had diarrhea for the past three weeks, and presumably the pectin will help the contents of her bowels congeal like strawberry-apple jelly.

And speaking of apples: Cereus makes some lovely light mens scents. Number 4 is a fresh green apple accord with the strange tart crunch of a slightly under ripe Granny Smith. Perfect for summer, it's cool, almost chilly and precisely the sort of thing I would like, except that for some reason it doesn't quite work. Chandler Burr thought it was a rehash of D&G Light Blue. I thought it was an off key combination of bright citrus notes, like listening to the Go-Go's coming from the iPod of the person sitting next to you on the subway. It's a fresh green apple that's being chewed near our ear.

And speaking of diarrhea, their ad copy is fantastic. Accoording to Now Smell This their press release states that their brand targets "affluent men aged 35 and older". Classy.

Almost enough to gel your poo into soft serve.

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