Monday, May 5, 2008

Nina by Nina Ricci

I remember Luca Turin finding this one somewhat agreeable for a fruity floral, but the combination of sweet fruits and woods is like a 12 year old in a thong. Don't bite that apple kid. It's poison!

Speaking of barf, I also tried the new Clean Wellness and Harmony - the ones in the purple bottles. Utter dreck. From the pretty purple bottle I would guess that this might succeed as part of a new age pyramid scheme.


Dave said...

when I grow old, I shall join a new age hippy cult and wear purple colognes.

the oblitterati said...

I love you!

tmp00 said...

I tried this one at Sephora this weekend while I was escaping the 100 degree heat with the Beverly Center's AC. First off, I think there was an earlier, better Nina.

This one made me gag.