Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Eau de Vie - Pina Colada

I found this one on sale at Sephora for $5 and almost bought it unsniffed because at $5 the price was right. There was no tester so I opened up a box, sprayed a blotter and sniffed. Nice enough if a bit sweet. I also tested out the coconut on a blotter and found it to be sweet and creamy with toasted notes. Not bad.

I browsed a little, and then thought, do I really want to smell like a cocktail? Lets see what emotional response I have to actually wearing it.
This is where the magic happened! Trust me, Eau de Vie is a party in a bottle if you fancy the Roman sort.

On skin the sweet pineapple notes morphed into an impressive gastric juice accord. And the coconut had a new phlegmatic meets semenic tone. Secretions magnifiques indeed!

I was initially surprised that something so corporeal could come from the Luxcon Group - makers of Aquolina Pink Sugar, and the Chocolovers line. I actually find inexpensive Chocolovers to be one of the better chocolate accords - the orange notes prevent it from the synthetic tootsie roll scent many chocolate accords fall prey to. Still, their official ad copy is special:

"Its chocolate for the entire world, waiting to be enjoyed by you and your partner. Blended with sex notes of bergomot, orange, hazelnut, parchouly, vanilla, malt, and vanilla absolute. Enjoy it alone or share it." (sic)

Luxcon Group seems to be something of a renaissance company. According to their website they also manufacture something called Lubrigyn.

In the spirit of the Classic approach to understanding the body, I guess a classic song would be appropriate.

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