Friday, May 2, 2008

The JAR experience

A few days ago I went on an excursion to Bergdorf Goodman's to sniff around. They have some of the most fun sales associates around. I was browsing the Killian scents, when I was asked ina very soft voice by a sales associate if I was familiar with... "JAR". And the JAR experience began.

Others have described the experience thoroughly, and in the interest of maintaining some mystery I'll keep it brief. It's really much more about the experience than the individual scents, though I will say that Jardinia originally reminded me of a cheese cave, but was a heady overripe floral on my hand, redolent of the browning crushed magnolia petals that collect underfoot at the end of springtime. Still, JAR comes as close to my David Lynch curtain-room fantasies as any place in NYC. (In part, because the perfume oil soaked shammies smelled to me like like kinky feet.) And along with De Verait is one of the best examples of that great New York City art form, Shopping Theater. A soundtrack by Angelo Badalamenti would be appropriate.

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