Monday, May 19, 2008

Escada's Chiffon Sorbet

Macaroons from L'

Chiffon Sorbet was launched in 1993 as the first of the Escada seasonals. Considering that "Grunge" was in full swing at the time, this sweet meringue accord seems like an odd choice. It smells like something that would make an excellent corporate gift in Paris or Tokyo. All sugar fluff, vanilla and almonds it seems innocent enough, but there is a lychee note that foreshadows the "fruitini" years of the late 90's. Following on the heel's on 1992's Angel, Chiffon Sorbet is a quiet step in the direction of Escada's current neon bombast.

I found that it went on initially fruity for about 15 seconds and then faded down to an invisible musk that I thought might be Dave's beloved "sexy butts" accord. When Dave came home he said the house smelled very fruity so I might be anosmic for whatever this stuff is, but Dave said it smelled distinctly like the white powder coating on generic gummy fruit candies.

A sweetsy musical analog might be Juliana Hattfield, but let's fast forward a few years to a different sweetness, an age of Go Sailor, Cub, and across the Atlantic, the polymorphously perverse Momus.

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