Sunday, May 18, 2008

Axe Phoenix, Clix and Kilo

My friend said her boyfriend wears Axe body spray, and knowing him to be a man of refinement and taste (not to mention a world class ukulele collection) I sniffed down the deodorant Isle at my local CVS.

I was surprised at how likable most of the axe scents were. Sure, Vice smelled like the custom van my ex-con school bus driver used when the bus was in the shop. But none of them were any weirder than the Chai Latte Secret women smear in their armpits.

Ann Gottlieb is the nose behind Phoenix and Kilo as well as Calvin Klein's Euphoria and Sara Jessica Parker's Covet. It seems she has either personally created or art directed several scents at Estee Lauder, so it's not surprising that a few of the Axe scents are quite wearable. Phoenix and Clix are very similar - Phoenix is more of an abstract ozonic/aquatic style of a classic cologne in the early 90's style of Acqua di Gio, Cool Waters or Eau d'Issey. The semiotics are a little confusing to me: does a phoenix smell like water? Maybe someone put him out with a garden hose. According to the top notes are: Citrus, Lavender, Geranium middle notes: Warm Violet, Earthy Notes, base notes of: leather and musk. As far as I can tell, Clix is the same thing with more citrus and possibly some mint.

Kilo smells pleasant, though I am also confused about the name. It smells of sweet leaves with possibly a hint of coconut. What is the intended visual association? The vast jungles of Columbia? Piles of powdered sugar on a glass coffee table? Who can say. Either way it smelled of teen-boy video-game fueled rebellion.


tmp00 said...

wow- you have officially done the impossible. I now must try Axe..

How does the Noguchi coffee table come in?

the oblitterati said...

I thought it would be nice for piling and cutting up kilos of confectioners sugar before licking them up with a of Fun Dip.

And the poor table plays a central role in one of the raunchiest stories I've heard about a classical composer. Just sayin'.

Thanks for coming to visit! You made me laugh so hard on Perfume Smellin' Things - I'll be sure to check your blog regularly.